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Michael Milnes of Rochester, MN: Healthy Recovery

· Michael Milnes,Dr Michael Milnes

Michael Milnes has lived and worked in Rochester, MN, for decades. Michael Milnes is a respected athlete, philanthropist and physical therapist, and he’s known for his compassionate demeanor toward others. When Dr. Milnes came to his career, he was healing from a severe football injury that took him out of the game, and he knew he wanted to help others just like him.

Though Michael Milnes treats patients from all walks of life in and around Rochester, MN, his specialty is athletes. Michael Milnes is a triathlete who runs Ironman races and obstacle course races, and he understands an athlete’s mentality.

“Dr. Michael Milnes is the best physical therapist for someone like me,” commented a Rochester, MN, patient. “I’m an athlete, and my doctors don’t always get what that means for my mindset. They set unrealistic expectations and find my drive for the sport difficult to understand. Dr. Milnes gets it though, and he helps me heal faster than anyone ever has. I highly recommend him to any athlete looking for active, healthy, long-term recovery.”

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