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Michael Milnes of Rochester, MN: Preventing Injuries

· Rochester,Dr Michael Milnes,Michael Milnes

Michael Milnes suffered a career-ending college football injury over two decades ago. His recovery process is what inspired him to become the Rochester, MN, physical therapist he’s known as today. He now helps athletes and everyday people heal from, and prevent, injuries so they can lead healthy and happy lives.

When a patient comes to Dr. Michael Milnes in his Rochester, MN, office, he doesn’t just give them basic physical therapy. He helps them change their diets and lifestyles to reduce the risk of future injuries while healing from existing ones.

“I tell them to do yoga every day,” said Rochester, MN’s Dr. Michael Milnes, “not just for healing, but for injury prevention. The science is there and the common sense is there, yoga prevents injuries. It has helped me tremendously. I also recommend a vegan diet, which helps prevent injuries too.”

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